The Ghost from the Past

Things happened in our past. Bad things. It is no longer happening. But why is it still hurting us with the mere thought of it? We are not able to travel back in time to the moment when things first happened.  If we could, we would definitely interfere with the time line just to stop the pain of all the years after that.  But we are not able to time travel backwards.  So we are stuck in this struggle, and the pain only intensifies every time when we want to run away from it.  If we think about it, we feel the intensifying sensation overwhelming us, until we pass out.  If we don’t think about it, it haunts us like a ghost, appearing at the most unexpected place, when we are most vulnerable. Where is the Ghost Buster?  And how Real can it be?

*   *   *

It started 3 year ago, when I first met my Master.  Well, we were just pen-pals then.  He is a grand man, and extremely gentle.  Our first meeting was Six and Half hours long, just talking, about everything.  Moved by his kindness and exceptional intelligence, I decided that I should try to open my world to him, because he could be a worthy visitor.  I had been disappointed so many times in my life.  I have given up the hope of finding that true connection with a man who can make me really happy.  But somehow, he made me feel that maybe I should give the idea another try.  So I started writing my thoughts out and sent them to him, as if we were having a long chat. That conversation never ended.  It is getting warmer everyday.

Pygmalion and Galatea - DT1969s

Pygmalion and Galatea

I may not really know how Pygmalion feels, I do have a chance to taste what it’s like to be Galatea at this point of my life.  It is still in progress, like being shown in the painting.  Every moment is so magical. I wish it never ends. … …




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