You are beautiful

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Someone sent me flowers today, anonymously. This is first time for me. It looks just like the one in this photo. It is beautiful. Somehow it made me thought of you – the one who was in the abusive relationship, the one we had to rescue from where used to be your home.

You are beautiful.
Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise,
even when you are hurt
especially when you are abused.

That’s what abusers do —
they always abuse your mind first
After they distorted your self-image
they create a mental illusion of a horrible outside world
so that you wouldn’t dare to move away from them.
After they’ve chained you down to their will
made sure that you would not report them to the authority
then the physical abuse began

Because he is hurt by his environment that has nothing to do with you.
Because he is a coward —
Instead of fighting back
and claim the joy of life and freedom that belongs to him
from people that hurt him
he took it out on you
using you as his outlet of frustration and pain

Because you loved him,
he made you fully responsible for his happiness —
It became yours to create, and yours to blame
In order to achieve that
he must create someone who is willing to take that abuse.
So he has to FIRST destroy your will of leaving him.
That’s why.

Hurting you is only his way of coping with his environment
But you have to know
his problem is NOT your problem
You are only responsible for your own happiness
Only YOU know what would make you happy

You are the center of your universe
Until you are truly happy
until you are loved the way you deserve
until you can love others the way you want
You could not truly make those who love you happy
Because they can feel you.
We all can feel you.

Take care of yourself first.
Think about what you want to give to your heart,
and Soul.

You are beautiful.
Don’t let your abuser convince you otherwise.

She’s gorgeous.
I heard a voice saying.




One thought on “You are beautiful

  1. So sad, so true,
    so me and you.
    Why the struggle?
    a need for trouble?
    wouldn’t it be well
    if both of us
    could come out from our shell
    to embrace our humanity
    thru giving and receiving
    the lost feeling of gravity

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