You… a Mother


You! A mother. Why do you suffer your motherhood?  It is one of the most beautiful part of your life, besides falling in love with a man and being loved in return.

You bore so much pain and struggle to give birth to this precious child, because you loved intensely!  Because you loved this total stranger who was going to be part of your life that’s closest to your heart.  You suffered so much bearing this child, did you want him/her to be just as unhappy as you were?  Or you had wished that, maybe this person, who was once part of your flesh, may have a chance to live a better life?

You are the mother. You were able to bear so much pain because the power of Motherly Love/Instinct was simply undeniable. You would do anything, or sacrifice anything to make your child happier, wouldn’t you?!!  So, measure your pleasure by how much pain and pressure you can bear to protect your child from feeling hurt. Be proud and be happy about it.

Why is your child sooo unhappy, Mother?!!

Difficult as our life maybe, there is always more than one way to interpret any event that has occurred.  You can mold your own world by manipulating the outcome using your controlled reaction to each event.  You have the power to find a way allowing yourself to be happier.

For every bit of Happiness you preserve in your child’s heart, he/she will give you back so much more in return.  Every bit of the happiness you allow others to drain from your child, will dim your world both inside and out.

And if you learn to read things in a positive light, it will brighten up your world, glowing with you.  So, people who comes near you, will also be glowing whenever they think of you.  Because you are a real Mother, you can not stop thinking about your child, and how you once wanted him/her to be happier than you were.  Give her a happy life that you couldn’t even dreamed of having.  You can.  Your Motherly Love would be your power source.  Protecting your child’s heart would be a real challenge to your wisdom and intelligence.  And it would be a fun game to win.  You have your own sanity and your child’s happiness to gain.

Your child is the one who would always love you back, if you don’t traumatize that tender heart by making your child bearing your pain of struggle.  Your constant fury could overwhelm and confuse a child’s mind, causing him/her to feel unwanted, and abandoned — while you were just venting some foul mood on regular basis.  You are so used to do that — regular venting is your way of coping and surviving the struggle of life — you couldn’t even notice how stressed and scared a child could be.  Feeling helpless and hopeless when a mother, someone who suppose to make her feel safe, turning against her is indeed very scary!  Don’t allow the struggle of life make you misrepresent yourself to your own child.  There was pure Love and Hope between the two of you when you gave birth to this child.  Serve that noble intention of yours.  It is your purely heartfelt desire.  You will become the mother you never had. And that’s how your childhood trauma gets healed.




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