Women can be so dramatic… Part 2

Women can be too dramatic for their own good.  We know how to drive men crazy, as well as how to keep them calm.  So how should we make use of that?

If you really want your man to make you happy, find out what makes him happy.  That shouldn’t be too hard a task for us women, should it?  We have all heard men complaining about that they don’t know what women want.  Have you ever heard any woman complaining about that she didn’t know what her man wanted? ;- )

Basically, all men want Sex,… and Peace.  But giving them what they want has never been easy for us, for thousands of years now.  Why?

A:  We don’t want to give.
B:  Why?
A:  We don’t know why it is so important to give them sex, something seemingly much less important compare to our heart.
B:  But men are not made to worry about heart before he is satisfied with sex.  If you don’t like it, blame the Creator.  
A:  Well, but I don’t know How to give him more sex.
B:  Ask him.  All you have to say is:”If you can have your naughty wish, what would be on the list of things that you want to do with me?”

Men are our best teachers.  And if you can do any number of the things from that wish list, and find some help to do the rest of the list, he is not going anywhere.  And if he does, dump him.  Because he can not find a better place to get whatever he wants besides from You. But, do your best NOT to give him one thing that he doesn’t want – Noise.  And if you have to, coat it with sugar.  After all, the thought of not able to please you is hard enough for him already.  On the other hand, if he doesn’t care whether you are happy or not, then it is time to discuss, re-think this association and make decision on what you guys want to do with each other from now on. Why should anyone have the need or right to waste another person’s life in misery?

Women can be too dramatic for their own good.  Taming our instinctive reaction takes understanding and discipline.  But it is for the best.  Ultimately it is for our own best interest.

If you know that you can either be “Right” or be “Happy”, but you can not be both, what would you choose to be?  Do you really need to be “Right”, or would you rather be “Happy”?   My mother has always wanted to be Right regardless she was Happy or not.  But I just can’t see how it can be truly Right if me and my man are not Happy at the same time.  Well, what if you don’t like what he likes?

Fundamentally, men all like Sex, and Peace.  Do you have anything against having that for yourself?

You like Peace.  As a woman, you just don’t mind noise as much as a man does.  Plus, oftentimes it is you who is making the noise.  And if you try to remember how it feels at those moments, you had rather enjoyed the rush while venting at him that way and watching him cringe.  Didn’t you?  Yes, you were upset.  Because you think it is his job to take care of your needs, as a man should — like a father should, to a child.  But he is NOT your father.  And he doesn’t know better how to take care of another person’s needs.  The two of you are, in fact, partners on this lifeboat, trying to find a way to reach the Happy Land someday.

Men, on the other hand, have low tolerance to noise.

“After thirty years I finally realized that it is not ‘The caring one wins’ but ‘The noisy one wins’” – My Guru said today, commenting on the fact that his sister caused him to change his shirt before the three of us went out.

I looked at him. “Really!?  I fear for myself.” I said, thinking about something else, “since I always tried my very best not to make much noise.  Am I going to suffer from that?

But what I truly know is that, not making too much noise is exactly why I get to be here with him, having tons of good stuff from him.  ;-)  I am not really worried.  If he is that stupid, to truly let the noisy one win, then he is earning himself a noisy life.  Then he doesn’t deserve Peace, or me.

So, if you also want Peace, then all you have to do is to figure out how to give him Sex.  Do you have anything against that?

Some of you girls do, because you don’t need much sex.  You were not made by evolution to want sex all the time.  So it is really unfair to ask men to regulate their action according to the same rule.  There are also those women who don’t want much Sex.  Now that, deserve to be further investigated, if you truly want to be happy.  But it might be something that would cause you Anxiety Attack.   Do you remember what was the thing we mentioned that has healing power against Anxiety?  Orgasmic Ecstasy.  What a dilemma!!!  But that could be the only way out, if you want to be Happy.

Shall we try?



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