Why are some people dominant, and some submissive? Yes, I am talking about the people in a Dom & Sub relationship.

I believe all of the conscious ( even pre-conscious) choice came ultimately from the sense of pleasure. It gives each person pleasure to serve his/her role, even if it is physically painful. But not all Doms do the same. Neither do all the Subs. What’s the difference?

Well, the question is, what really made people choose their role? What’s their own understanding of the choice?

I want to know Your role, how you feel, and. . .     what you fear.


2 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Well Sherri you have proposed an interesting topic at a very interesting time that somehow doesn’t surprise me.
    Take an example of a “sub” woman dealing with three men at the same time. There is minimal discomfort but they are locked in a very hot, sweaty, and active encounter. The men think they have it made. They are dominating this woman. Or could the truth be she has in fact dominated each of them by making them sweat to her very motions, and in the end, she has taken the seed of all of them while fulfilling all of her own lust.
    A man who allows a woman to bind his hands and arms and proceeds to use certain practices on his genitals which can cause some pain but also much stimulation. She puts on a strap on and while bent and tied, she plunges sensually in and out of his ass. The woman is truly dominant but the man, got to enjoy anal and all forms of stimulation and attention to his genitals,……without any need to be thought of as being with a man. He was tied, handily manipulated, and having it all done by the woman that he knows he is fulfilling.
    Sherri the timing is that the book I tried to get you to edit a couple of years ago. It deals 100% with this whole topic and not just by the type of examples I state here. It’s now a completed major sub and dom with twists everywhere that I think you would benefit by reading.
    Thank you for reading.

    • The thoughts behind the thoughts is what truly interests me. So is the reason behind the reason of imagination.

      I would not dare to consider myself qualify to edit anything regarding this subject. But I am, however, devoted to the study of Humanity, therefor always have millions of questions and occasional comments. If it serves any good in any way, I’d be happy to add my drop of thoughts into the pond.

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