Who said that you can’t dance?


Shhh… Listen
Do you hear the music in the air?
Don’t move
and relax
find yourself in the state of complete motionlessness

Allow yourself to move with the music
or rather
Let the music move you
little by little
and a little more sometimes
maybe when each sentence starts

Do you hear what I hear?
Do you feel how the music is driving me?
And if you would
I’d like to feel how the music is moving you.
We can have a conversation this way
by dancing together
exchanging our understanding of the music
Not just moving around irrelevantly
It was orgasmic
wasn’t it?

to the mood
to the melody
and sometimes
even to the rhythm or instrument of your choice

Starting from Zero movement
to the most dramatic motion your body can produce
you now have earned the Freedom
to compose your dance at will
to your interpretation of the music
associating the movement to the melody
the way feels right to you
What do you hear?

When you find the will inside you
you can move with your partner to what you hear
and listen to what she hears through her movement

I’m afraid that I got you quite spoiled. ;-)
But I’m a good dance teacher, I hope.

Who said that you can’t dance?


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