When you allow yourself to take a break


“One of these days we should find time to have lunch together when I … …”
“When you allow yourself to take a break.”
“… …”

That’s how we really meet. I am going there to find that break, so we can have lunch together, and talk about things. And, let’s hope that we find something more… to bring a permanent smile on that sweet, beautiful face.

“Come back, to that beautiful original YOU.” I heard a voice saying.
“Come back, and be enveloped by Serenity… “

And see if we can find it there, or here:



One thought on “When you allow yourself to take a break

  1. This has always been my prayer, my belief.
    We take each moment for granted.
    We mute each others dreams.
    If each allows the other, their freedom without schemes,
    to live their dream,
    facing no recourse,
    then we shall be together,
    in love without remorse.
    Bless you Sherri

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