What do you want for your heart and soul?

Tell me. What do you want for your heart? and soul? 


But where is the Light?

The Magic book has finally come out. It is a book about true magic, about how to finally be free and unconditionally happy. Though reading the book is indeed only the first step of this part of our life, our second life.  It is a good start.

The author has approached Life and Love from a philosophical and psychological point of view. With the spirit of an explorer seeking ways to find deep connection, the author underwent his own transformation and found the way to unite Sex and Romance into one holistic unity. In the book, he shares his experience, research and understanding with great honesty, humility, and generosity. Benefiting from his exceptionally high intelligence and advanced education, as well as lifelong studies of Philosophy, Psychology, History, Art, and Humanity, he presents his own experience of life for public examination and discussion. It is his pure kindness and empathy that inspired him to write this book. It is bravery that made him expose himself to the people that he does not know. He has shown us a way out of our everlasting gender struggle throughout human history and across the land. The least we could do is to think about our own life and try to treat it seriously, and to find our own Magic.

This Blog is about positive association, intense positive association, orgasmic positive association. It is about the freedom of your heart and soul, freedom from what imprisoned your mind for your entire life this far, and how to get rid of what kept you from being unconditionally happy.



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