Unsolved mystery

Have you noticed that, the pleasure of soul does not always coincide with the pleasure of body?  And the interesting thing is, when that happens, it usually involves Love… be it any form of love, between anything, anybody.

I enjoy discovering those brave people.  They have so many exciting stories to tell!  And it often makes me wonder: “What’s her unsolved mystery of her life?”  Wouldn’t it be fun if we find ways to unravel it?

I really like brave people. And recently I am spending much time with one such lady. She is a brave Great Grandmother who finds pleasure in everything she does.  And she likes all the new food that I introduce to her.  And there are quite a lot, I assure you.  Bravo!

But what’s more interesting is her life!  There were so many moments in her life when she allowed herself to physically suffer because it pleases her soul to be able to love so much.

Interesting how she chooses to talk about the one she once really loved, when she was 27.  He was 22, a college student.  Somehow the whole story feels like a mystery to me… I mean, what’s the story about this mutual friend?  Why is she doing all that trying to reconnect them now that she is in her 80’s?


How about the stories of my many, many other brave friends?



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