Thinkers — 02 He Warned Us

He warned us 4 years ago, Bill Gates, that we were not ready.  Are we eally not ready?  Or are we not willing to? 

Bill Gates: The next outbreak? We’re not ready

The disadvantage of Capitalism finally caught up with development of humanity, and ready to eat us up. But if you think about it, our fate is almost all in the control of our collective thinking.  Capitalism is our own brain product. We can change that, to suit the demand of the nature, as we learn about it.

Logically, the only way to win this medical battle is to stop it at the source, by giving a hard freeze for a short time to localize and pinpoint the infected region. Then treating it outside in.

But that’s not what is happening right now. So it makes people wonder… Why? Some say it’s all about money. Hmmm…

Are Human collectively suicidal? Or we are just bored out of our mind for lack of exciting projects to conquer? If we can not be more grateful, the Creator has just given us a challenging task. The punishment is Death. The reward is the next stage of evolution of the Universe playing out onto us, the collective bio-organisms on Earth, perhaps even longevity…

Which do we want to happen?

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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