The Healing power of Orgasmic Ecstasy


I have been brought upon the path of effective Ghost Busting – not the ghost most of the people meant, a spirit of some sort.  No.  That is not the subject of my interest.  I am talking about the things that gives you Anxiety.  I am talking about finding a way to deal with anxiety, to make it much less bothersome, and to eventually be free of its grip.

There is no way to change the past.  But we don’t have to be disabled by our past, especially when those events are no longer happening.  We want to be happy, to live like normal people whose life has not been affected by those unfortunate events. Since we can not run away from the occasional thoughts of our past — we have tried that already — we don’t want to be affected.  Or, if possible, we want to reduce the negative effect of our past to almost nothing.  And now, there might be a way.

I want to make one thing clear.  As magical as it is, Orgasmic Healing isn’t Magic.  It is science.  It is as scientific as the creation of the Universe, the creation of life form, the creation of sickness and cure.  It is as scientific as the creation of modern technology like car, TV, cell phone, and nuclear bomb. The effectiveness of Orgasmic Healing lies in the repeated effort, as in any form of work we do to achieve success.  Healing takes time. The only difference is, it is Pleasurable.  That’s right.  It is like when your are curing a cancer, the treatment is eating your favorite chocolate.  Wouldn’t you be pleased?  It is using pleasure to counteract the power of negative reaction we usually have towards those traumatic events that happened in our life.

So, how?

The scientific research has been done for a long time now.  It is like knowing the details of the pieces of a puzzle, and it would mean nothing if people don’t put the pieces together.  But, putting the puzzle together takes a very different set of skills.  It is more than just the study of details.  After all, human mind is a very complicated thing.  Or, is it really?  For example, if you want to go from one city to another, does the billions of grains of sand on the road, the countless trees and houses make the trip impossible?  Or, all you need is a map without much of those details?

This might sound unbelievable… Would you like to find a way to let those bothersome matter bring you pleasure, instead of Fear and Anxiety? The science is simple. There are many ways to excite a woman to the orgasmic state, and it can be maintained for a long time, hours.  At the same time, one of the most powerful stimulant is emotion caused by thoughts.  How to make use of this knowledge to Heal people?  The effective application takes superior sensitivity, deep understanding and refined skill.

“Is it possible?!!!” you might ask.

“Well, it has been done, to some people.”  — I am speaking from experience, as a beneficiary, as well as a benefactor.

I wish there is a way to share this knowledge and make some people’s life better.  After all, so many people has been suffering from Fear and Anxiety.  So many people have been disabled by their Ghosts from the Past.




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