The Art of Pleasure -05 Kisses


The other night, a friend and I had a chat about kisses, French kisses. He mentioned that every woman kisses differently. And that reminded me of the observation I have over the years.

Looking back, I believe that the difference might very well give a clue to the kisser’s personality. Some are givers, some are receivers. But the best kissers are the one who would lead, and could follow. Then, a kiss becomes a dance, and a conversation. Unfortunately, most of the time, a giver does not know how to receive, a receiver does not know how to give. Then the whole thing becomes a monologue, a job for the giver, a burden for the receiver sometimes.

Like dancing Tango, when a leader does not know how to follow, then the dance could become a struggle between the partners. When a follower tries to anticipate the leader’s move, thinking about how fast one should follow so it would not be too slow that feels like a drag, or too fast it turns into a back leading. How to manage that? How to make a leader become a good follower?

For those who often feel stressed out, or too over conscious to relax, you are most likely a leader. I wish you would try to relax, pay attention to what you receive, try not to react more than your sluggish body have to. But do react to satisfy the need of movement, at your most relaxed state.  Be aware, Motionless is another sign of over control.

I truly believe that a person’s personality will show in the manner of action. At the same time, intentionally modifying the behavior habit could help to alter one’s mental state, and therefore affect physical state. So I believe that being able to lead and follow would be the balance that we all could try to achieve.

Relax… step into the nature, at least in your mind, and feel your environment. Pick your favorite spot, and relax. What do you like? Some likes to listen to the spring rain dropping on the banana leaves. Some likes to hear the mountain spring, the river, or the ocean waves. What’s your cup of tea?

Does the meaninglessness sound too quiet to you?  Does your mind run too fast to follow?  Why don’t you ignore it, and pay attention to the easy mood of nature – random, artistic, and ever lasting.  There is no rush.

One thought on “The Art of Pleasure -05 Kisses

  1. People always seem to need a distraction. Life goes on, “within you and without you.” So take the time to feel the interchange as the two morph into one. Never rush! The sweetness is what lingers while each is as privileged to be within the other.

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