Standing on the Eggshell

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National Geographic: Amazing Planet
2005 TV-PG 3 Episodes
Average of 134,063 ratings: 4.1 stars

This three-part journey from National Geographic travels into the distant past to watch our planet take shape through the actions of lava, magma and time; explores Earth’s magnificent seas; and reveals the awesome power of wind, water and ice.

We are standing on top of a burning cracking eggshell, fighting with each other, waiting to be engulfed by the flame of fury from the Creator for wasting the Gift of Life. And there is a deadline for human to redeem themselves — finding a new home, moving ALL of our belongings, before our home-world supernova takes place. And we know that the Creator always keeps the promise.  It’s all in the science.

How did we get ourselves in this position? Which way are we going?



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