Purging Anxiety

Most women are made to have multiple orgasms for a prolonged period of time, just like men are created to want new sex all the time.  And one of the most powerful stimuli for women is Emotion, ANY intense emotion.

If you search for “Women multiple prolonged orgasms“,  on Google, you will find a lot of articles and books telling you that MOST women are made to be multi-orgasmic.  And if it is not happening in your life, something is not being done right, and it may not always be the man’s fault.  So dig into this matter and stop saying: “If I am lucky, I would cum once, for xxx seconds. and I was done.” — I used to say that as well, and was very sure that I knew my own body after 30 years.

Unfortunately, most of the articles I read were only trying to teach techniques.  Understanding the techniques of when, where, and what to Touch is only one part of the puzzle, the second part is the giver’s Intention and Sensitivity, and the third is the receiver’s Emotion. The giver’s intention dictates How the touch is going to be, and that intention can amplify the effect to various degrees, depending on how much you apply your intention and sensitivity into your action.  For that, I am NOT able to explain merely with words.  I have to use demonstration.

Most of the time, the receivers are not actively engaging their emotions to intensify their orgasms.  Most people use sex for recreation, to bond with their mates, or just to passively receive pleasure for relaxation.  But prolonged multiple orgasm can do a lot more than that.  It heals.  It can help us to get rid of our Ghosts from the past.

How long can a woman stay in the heightened orgasmic state? For as long as one can physically last, until she passes out into sweet dreams. That’s what I mean when I say “And He, my Sex God, is very good at torturing me with pleasure, hours and hours at a time.”  And personally, I have given someone similar experience for 5 hours straight during a 7-hour “Anxiety Purging Massage”  Orgasm is the most powerful “Positive Association” one can ever have. It works almost like Magic — though not exactly by snapping my fingers.  But it didn’t take much more than that either. Well, ok, it took a lot more time… 7 hours.   Hey, for what it has achieved, it’s worth it.


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