Freedom — 01

There is no jail more effective than your mental jail, where bounded by your given beliefs and when you became your own warden.

If you want freedom, you should know it is always within your reach.

If you are afraid of what you might become, set up your own examined rules, make small steps… and keep on examining them and enrich them, through new learned knowledge.

Don’t waste your life. And don’t let others waste your life. Whether there is life after this one, or if there is reincarnations, this is the one you have access to at this moment. And it will not come back.

What if you will reincarnate into one of those who you encounter, or even, would be at your mercy?

If you waste the gift of this life, what makes you deserve a better one next time?



How are we going to reach it?

How are we going to reach it?
Physically and spiritually.
It has to be both.

You can have some improvement in either world. But if you want unconditional happiness, you must have complete freedom, mental and physical. And you must be responsible to please your soul.

Nature gave us so many examples on how to cooperate with each other and prosper. God has showed us the way to eternity — cooperate, give yourself complete freedom, and give each other the freedom they deserve.