New Year’s Eve 2019

You are in my mind tonight.
I want to share a song with you,
I want to share your private moment
When we choose to stay away from the crowd.
What is in your mind?

Why? Why do I want to be alone?
My time is so limited,
That I hesitate to waste it anywhere I can not enjoy more
than a private moment with my own thoughts,
and with few friends —
people of my choice
to talk about our deepest concerns
our ultimate desires,
your life, and mine.

I dread about human future
if we continue the way we go.
I have heard so many great speeches
None of them were too optimistic
They are not wrong
Yet I am not willing to settle on that conclusion.
There must be a way
Help people to learn and understand more
about everything,
fun and easy.

I wish you all feel better about life
day after day.
After all, we are made of the same stuff
that made mouses and roaches
trees and grass
dirt and stone.
But we are made into Human
the most complicated creation
the nature made here on earth
after nearly 14 billion years of work

We are made to be human!
We aught to be grateful for what we were made into!
We can see,
we can smell,
we can taste,
we can feel.
So the question is…
What do we want to feel?
How are we going to reach it?

We can think,
We can heal,
we can create.
We can alter the path of nature
we can alter our own life
onto a different path into the future.
Which way do we want to go?
All we need to do is
to learn and understand a little more
about everything,
fun and easy.

There is no way to correct what has been done.
But we can start to think differently
to do differently
by knowing a little bit more.

Can you see
What is in the mind of our collective thinking?

There is nothing sinful about this passion.

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