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OSHO: “Now-Here” All the Time

OSHO is responding to the question of a visitor: Is it really possible to be in the “now-here” all the time? Most of my time seems to go in planning for, or worrying about, the future.



“Whether you know it or not, you cannot be anywhere else than here and now; wherever you are it will be here and now.

You are given only one moment at a time — and you are wasting that moment for planning or worrying about the futures; and the future never comes. What comes is always here, now: It is a series of “Nows” — one now, another now — but you are always living in the Now. There is no futures.

And what can you worry about the futures? — It is because of this kind of worrying, — and planning for the futures, that a certain proverb exist in all the languages of the world.– That,

‘Man goes on desiring, planning, worrying for the future, and God goes on disappointing him.’

There is no God to disappoint you. In your very planning you are sowing the seeds of disappointment. — In your very worrying about the future, you are wasting the present. And slowly, slowly, it becomes your second nature, to worry about the futures. So when the future will come, it will come as present. And because of you habit of worrying about the future, you will waste that moment also for worrying. You will go on worrying your whole life about the futures. You will stop only when Death comes and takes all possibilities of future from you. You missed your whole life.

You could have lived. But you only planned.

Live as intensely and totally now, because the next moment will be born out of this moment. And if you have lived totally and joyously, you can be absolutely certain that the next moment will bring more blessings, more joy.

… …

Stop this habit of planning. Stop worrying about the future. If tomorrow comes, you will be there. And if you know how to live, if you know how to live joyously and dancingly, your tomorrow will also be full of dance and joy.

… …

Postponing living for the future will take away your whole life from your hands.

… …

Even if you are planning for tomorrow, that too is being done here and now. Even if you are worrying for the future, that too is being done here and now. You can not be anywhere else whatever you do. Existence allows only, this is the space, of here and now.”

… …

“Just be clear about it. Otherwise life goes on slipping away from your hand like water. Soon you will have empty hands. And meeting Death with empty hands, is a utter failure. Meet your death with full of Joy, Silence and Serenity. Meet Death with your hands full of ecstasy. And in that ecstasy Death itself dies. You never die. Your Here- Now continues, forever, and forever…”



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