My attention

Gentlemen, my attention would always be on women.  Though I would like to be friends with men, I don’t want men’s attention.  It is no use to me or you for another man to give me more than friendly attention.  Your loving attention should always be aimed at your woman.  Only then, we can be a good team to find a way to make her happy, and therefore to make you happy.  So, be my friend.  You will be greatly rewarded.

Ladies, I want only for you to be happy, to be unconditionally happy.  Together, let’s find a way.   All you have to do, is to keep the door to your mind Open.  And if you ever have any doubt, ASK. Don’t shut the door.  Because That is your only way out of that darkness – to make peace and happily coexist with your men.


And if you realize THAT and promise to do your best, I guarantee what you will see ahead is …

















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