Men are powerless against women


Men are powerless against women’s charm or torment.  That’s why they always choose to avoid telling women their mischievous desire if they suspect women’s detestation.  At the same time, men can not deny their creator’s design, and want more than most of us women would give.  This picture symbolizes the power of the women by representing the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle as he carries his lover Phyllis  on his back. Though I think he might be rather enjoying this. “Aristotle’s analysis of procreation describes an active, ensouling masculine element bringing life to an inert, passive female element. On this ground, feminists have accused Aristotle of misogyny[58] and sexism.[59] However, Aristotle gave equal weight to women’s happiness as he did to men’s, and commented in his Rhetoric that a society cannot be happy unless women are happy too. – from wikipedia”    Still, the question remains: What could us women do with the men we want to keep?

Give your man Peace, as well as a lot of Sex, in many ways, of many kind.  In return, he would seek to fulfill you the way you could never have imagined – hours of orgasmic ecstasy, offered to you on his knees, with both hands, literally.

Going into a shower now.  My man is waiting.  Chat you later.




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