Let’s start from the very beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing, no Universe.  And then

Bang!!!!!!! … … And there was Light. 




How the Universe Works

Also: 2010 TV-PG 8 Episodes
Average of 329,896 ratings: 4.313 stars


Host Mike Rowe brings viewers on an enlightening tour of our current cosmic knowledge in this miniseries that starts with the Big Bang and covers alien galaxies and solar systems, as well as the space-shattering properties of a supernova event.

THIS is the Creation.  Let’s not delude ourselves to be something more than what we are.  And if we don’t get along and cooperate with each other and find a way to reach a new home-planet before the sun dies, or before some other cosmic event destroys our earth, we will eventually be no more than cosmic dust some time in the future.  Oh, right, we will not be the ones facing the destruction anyway.  It would be our children, our future generations.  Do we care?


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