I wanted you to come my way

I wanted you to come my way
scary as it is,
at least it would be fun
I understand not everyone feels that way
Some desire peace
and happy that they have found each other
I respect and have always wanted that
but when my love of you put your desire ahead of mine
or shall I say
when your desire became the most important desire of mine,
something happened…

And now,
Fate is testing the real me again,
which way do I turn?

I can’t go back to who I used to be
I can’t find another person to replace you
after taking you down from the pedestal,
you look not so different from any other figures I collected over the years. Sigh.

Without the pedestal, how do I set the stage this time?  Things are happening.


I want to touch more of those wonderful souls, with my mind.    —  Feb 2018


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