Men, Hardware or Sensitivity?


Men, what’s your best feature when you ‘take care’ of Your women? Hardware or Sensitivity?  Is that a strange question?

Recently I asked some male friends of mine: “When is the last time you made a woman cum by kissing alone? by hugging alone? by only holding her ankle? by squeezing one nipple? by rubbing an ear? by command? by massaging her head? by pulling her hair? by letting her kiss your palm? by turning on a piece of classical music? by just thinking of you? or by letting her to relax on top of your back?” And the answer: “Wow? 90% of them, NEVER!”

The Hardware has expiration date, and limited manner of usage.  Yet the power of Sensitivity could only increase over time.  This is why, a true Master would  eventually end up with a harem when the rest of the ‘hard’ workers retire from the Rat Race.  Oftentimes, the harem would get so crowded that he has to stack them up on top of each other, literally.  And the secret?  Sensitivity.  If you work on her multiSensors, with multiMedia, you would achieve giving her lasting multi-O sooner — effective for 98% of women — a learnable skill for 98% of men.

This is not a fantasy.  It is Reality – though still only few men’s reality.  Most men can benefit from some enhancement of their sensitivity.  But few know that.  It has to start from Love of oneself, love of one’s mate and then beyond.  And hopefully this world would have a chance to be happier eventually.

So many men tried hard to impress others, to please their superior, their family and friends, as if that is going to make themselves profoundly happy.  And I often wonder how their personal life is like.  What really drives a man or a woman to be a workaholic? How many workaholics have a wonderful loving sex life with their mates?  How many of them became workaholics because they could not find true lasting pleasure in their personal life… or should I say, maybe because of that they have given up on achieving a loving sex life with their mates?  They may have tried for too long, far too long and too hard, by holding their action back, by suppressing their desire intended by the Creator, by denying their own right to primal pleasure.  It might have simply made their Life tasteless, and their living boring.

That could be why, when the duty became less heavy, when the children have grown up, when he/she starts to sense the approaching death, many go through ‘Midlife Crises’ — a painful awakening process only those who have experienced would understand.  Yet the rest of the world, even the rest of the family would disdain.  But the fear of death, the fear of missing the last opportunity to experience happiness would have empowered them so much, that they would ignore the entire world in order to chase after their pleasure.  Do they know how to do it better this time?  Yes, at least somewhat.  Do they reach their full potential?  Often not.  How do I know that?  I offer my vast number of still disappointed fellow Middle-Aged women as my witness.

I wish more and more fortunate women would come out and praise those men who made us fortunate; pay close attention to our men’s heartfelt desire, and make our men fortunate as well.  These men deserve the recognition, even if it is just anonymously.  At least our men would know how their loved ones benefit from their wisdom and effort. I want the rest of the population know that there truly is Hope.

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