My thirteen-year old asked me tonight: “Could you tell a person who has given up hope in life to have faith in something? What would that be?”

“That would be the Goodness. One can find goodness even in the darkest corner.” I said.

All creatures are created with Goodness in them at birth. Take herself for example: She has a lot of goodness in her. Her hope was simply the goodness inside wanting to find goodness outside from all around, so she won’t feel so lonely. And her despair was created when the goodness in her giving up on finding goodness outside of her after repeated disappointment. I’d advice, “Look elsewhere.”

Life is a gift, NOT from parents, but from God, the true Creator, the one who created this entire Universe.

She would feel that she is very lucky to be born, if she understand the science of creating her, from the moment of Big Bang to the moment of her birth.

If I were her, I would feel great honor to be entrusted with the power of determining the fate of such creation. And maybe one would pay more attention to design a greater future, instead of wasting any more breath on painful past. Let all pain serve as a way to train our soul to be stronger, and don’t allow it to weaken our will of living. Life is the gift from our Creator to each and every one of us. It is our honor and duty to defend it. And it is our own to build and to care. Smart as you girls are, you should start putting together a personality design the way YOU want it to be.

I don ‘t want to take away your right of making childish mistakes. But I DO want to instill into you a sense of Right and Wrong. It is not defined by popular believe, but one that is timeless, that can withstand cross examination from all dimensions, in all timelines. When people do something good in the right way, the result would be prosperity. God’s wish.

I believe that All creatures are born with goodness. The rest of the characters were added on by experience, good ones and bad ones, on top of Goodness. Now, use your imagination, think about the path and pain one has to go through to arrive at his/her current personality composition. Somehow I feel a faint sense of sympathy towards those Mean and Nasty. God bless their soul.

As for us, let us pay attention to build a better future, one brick at a time. It is ours to build, ours to live in, ours to enjoy, and ours to live for.

Love yourself first. Think about what you are willing to do to make your life better. And define what truly belongs to the “Better” list, to please your heart and soul.



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