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If a man wants to learn how to please his woman immensely, this would be a good place to start – appreciate her, understand her, and then improve his skill.  If a woman wants to know what MORE is possible for her in her life, this would be a good place to start – to see, to understand, and then to explore.  The two of you can be very happy together, and have a lot more in your life, together, and separately.

If only a man would truly want to understand women’s struggle, he would go and ask his woman if she prefers him giving her half an hour of orgasmic ecstasy each round, a dozen rounds a night; or she prefers him holding and kissing her, bringing her flowers and presents, talking about how much he appreciates her heart and magic, as well as the heart and magic of younger women he long for, if not already had.

Half an hour of orgasm each round for a dozen rounds? I have heard women express disbelieve, until they themselves experience it. I have heard men express amazement and envy, wishing to find out where they can learn the secret to please the woman they love. And of course there are plenty people prefer to lay back, cuddle, and talk about the hearts, the heart surgeries, as well as why there is such a thing called midlife crises.

The author has approached Life and Love from a Philosophical and Psychological point of view, and realized that “Age brings out the best in women.” and wished that, “If only men realized…” But, is men’s realization going to be enough? How many women, young or aged, have realized their potential themselves? For example, if women realize that it is possible for almost every one of them to have 12 rounds (or more) of half an hour ecstasy; and if I tell you that there is a place that your man can learn that from another man, would you still prefer him cuddling you, and talking about your heart? Does your heart need all that talking? Or, if your man goes to learn how to give you better sex, how much heart has he just put in to appreciate yours?

Life is a gift, and we should not treat it like an accidental penny we found on the street. Every minute deserves to be spent with gratitude and serious consideration. With the spirit of an explorer seeking ways for deep improvement, the author underwent his own transformation and found the way to unite Sex and Romance into one holistic unity. In the book, he shares his experience, research and understanding with great honesty, humility, and generosity. Benefiting from his exceptionally high intelligence and advanced education, as well as lifelong studies of Philosophy, Psychology, History, Art, and Humanity, he presents his own experience of life for public examination and discussion. It is his pure kindness and empathy that inspired him to write this book. It is heroic for him to show such courage to the people that he does not know. He is showing us a way out of our everlasting gender struggle throughout human history and across the land. The least we can do is to think about our own life and try to treat it seriously.

Sex is so commonly considered as a form of entertainment that many men feel the need to hide their enjoyment of watching porn from their partners. If a couple do not share their sexual entertainment together, one can bet on that their hearts are not so close as they claim to be.

Sex is so unimportant in our lives that people use sex to define their social status more often than the education or skin color. Just check out how many names are related with sex – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, married, single, separated, monogamous, poly, kinky. Even when the marriage falls apart, it is signified by whether or not there is sexual involvement – having an affair – have you heard of people having sexless affair? And of course, I’ve also heard people saying that hot kisses and fingering is NOT sex. It is clear, I hope, that sex is definitely not the most important thing in our relationships. Otherwise only the prostitutes could claim to have real relationships.

The author has missed a big point. Besides those people, both men and women, who are going through, or have gone through the evolution of self-recognizing, self-approving, and self-loving process, most of the current society is not ready to view sex as a form of serious matter, to be related to a person’s psychological development. In fact, a lot of people still consider psychology a myth, and psychotherapy a shameful procedure only designed for the ‘crazy’ people. And under such social condition, the author tries to relate sex with the psychological development throughout a person’s life? Can you imaging the size of the gap people have to step over to get to that level of understanding? The gap would be wider than the Grand Canyon – how else you think people could get so lost – they thought this book is meant to be some form of entertainment!!!

On the other hand, this author has a history of writing books that took nearly a decade to be accepted by American society, open-minded as we claim to be. Is he leading the thoughts again? “Seems like you are a trend setter celebrating the fluidity of sexuality and age.” — a comment on the fan site on Facebook.

Ladies, understand your own mental and physical potential, and understand that you can be unconditionally happy no matter what happens in life. Orgasmic Ecstasy has healing power, against anything that bothers you, anything that gives you anxiety, anything that angers you, anything that saddens you, anything that scares you, anything that hurts you when you think about or talk about. Measure your man’s heart by how much heart he puts in pleasuring you, not by the size of his mouth and how well he talks. It is just a hole on the wall for you to stuff food in, if it doesn’t do anything else to pleasure you. Make sure that sex is not the most important thing in your life, but do get plenty from him, because it will warm your heart. Otherwise I can guarantee you that he is wishing for, or thinking about giving it to someone else, even to a stranger, if not already has.




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