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From the OkCupid Q&As:


Q: Are you Jewish?

A: No. Someone says that I am a Jew magnet. I have learned over the years that many different traditions / religions across the land share certain universal value throughout human history.

If you would believe that the shared Goodness represents the true Spirit of Light, then, all the differences become no more than humanly ‘background noise’. It should have no value if you truly believe in the Spirit of Light, some call it the Godliness.

The interesting thing about the Big Bang Theory, is that it tells us that the Intention of creating human (one of the possibility of development according to the laws of the Universe), among the creations of other magnificent life forms and galaxies… can be described by a handful of scientific laws, set at the moment when the Universe was created, manipulated by Logic.  Those laws start from

E=mC2, … … and 1+1=2 (the first line in the language of creation)

and then, the particles that made all the matter
k, µ, e, p, n, H, He, O, N, C, H2O, …

and then, how interaction causes movement

and then, how faster and faster things move into each other
V=V0+ a•t

and then, the amount of Gravitational Force between anything and everything, that determines the status of the cosmological body — which one is going to be a star, a planet, a satellite, comet, asteroid, etc. And believe it or not, it also determines which and when a star is going to turn into red giant, red dwarf, white dwarf, supernova, neutron star, or black hole.

So this is how we got together, every growing, ever renewing — and now, we put E=mC2 on our blackboard for every 10 year old. (And my 12 year old was arguing with me, saying that it is just a theory — I don’t know how they teach children in the school these days. And she challenged me to prove it true. “You want me to bring a nuclear bomb here in front of you and give you a live demonstration to prove that E=mC2 is a fact? Haven’t we already done that at Hiroshima?”)

Ok, let’s go back to the very beginning, the moment of the Big Bang (not the sitcom please). Time flies when Someone is having fun. And here we are — All because of those handful of Laws. In some way, the scientists are the true archaeologist, digging for the handful of Laws buried gazillion years ago, in Everything.

So now if you wish, go ahead and feel proud of being the product of this magnificent Creation at its highest form of complexity. After the transformation from inorganic to organic, to reproductive, to conscious, to emotional and logical, We are the product of the development of the Creation after multiple Quantum Leaps. We are the one who wrote “E=mC2” on the blackboard!

We are intended to surpass all other creations. We suppose to retain all the good quality other creatures have, plus more — human intelligence. But how come we are not Happier than all other creatures?  If you would expand the belief that true Spirit of the Light of Creation are shared across the spices, you’ll see why we are not happy. We human were bestowed with so much power, we forgot that we should still obey the Intention of the Creation. We suppose to cooperate with ALL: with ourselves, with other human, with other creatures, with other live forms. The entire Creation of Life is alive. We are just one of the advanced organ. And if any organ is sick, it will affect the livelihood of the entire Creation.

If we don’t allow ourselves to be happy, and also allow others to be happy, the struggle with each other among humans will waste so much resource… and one day, we would not have enough resource and time to find our way to a new home planet. By the time our sun turn into a Red Giant, it will show us just how disappointed our Creator is. And that, like a spoiled child getting annoyed by his unsatisfying sketching, he could simply wipe it off and start all over again, elsewhere — In fact the other new Creation has already happened. Don’t believe me? What do you think the Red Giant or Supernova are? They are His dry eraser. And you think he is going to feel sorry for throwing all this creation on Earth away?!! No he won’t.  He is annoyed with you! There is a deadline for us human to develop, literally. To the Creator, everything is just the matter of snapping the fingers and say: “Let there be Light.” … and Bang!!!

We are the Creation, yet we define our God, and then kill each other for our disagreement. We create politics, so we can argue with each other. We create computer virus, so we can slow down our technological development. How can that be sane?! How can that be logical?!!

Ha ha… even the old man Osho is annoyed when he talks about it:



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