Don’t be a daddy’s girl to him


Woman, what does your man deserve?  If he doesn’t deserve much, go get another one. And if he does, and if you want him to be yours, prove that you are woman enough to give Your man more than anyone else can.  How  could he ever leave you?

Picture yourself in this painting and make it into a movie. What do you see?

Your man is not your father, unless you want to get only a father’s love from him — then don’t blame him for getting someone else to be a woman to him.  In that case, you are not deserving, and the relationship won’t last long without your man suffering, if it even lasts. If he has that much value to you, treat him the way you treat your treasure.  If you feel love from him, give him what he gives you.  If you are having a renewed life because of him, how dare you give him less than what he wants?

But first, you must be sure that he is worthy.  Or leave.  No man is worth you suffering Your life for.

Grow up, get out of your needy mode, and be a real woman, to a Man. Think!  What are you doing to your man?  What are you doing to your own life?  What do you really want for yourself?  If you  are not happy with your man, yet you can’t see what you are doing wrong, give me a call.


YES, the Magic Book is life changing.  If you want to know how, ask the one who wrote the book.




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