Children – What a theory!

So this is your theory:

You are my child.  So you have to appear in my environment (by spreading your unfinished projects all over the house?)  And I, as a mother who raised you, therefore must be responsible for your doing.  And I also have to be the undeniable bearer of the consequence of your doing, so I should not feel so undignified and complain about you leaving messes around.

What a theory!  How can I argue about that?  You are the extension  of my existence.  Therefor it is all up to my making.  My big project is, my dear child, let’s talk about your existence.  How do you want it to be.  To me, if you turn out some how short of a certain quality, it will be my failure.  But have you thought about what do you lose?  You lose the quality of your life.  What do you want to become? How do you want your existence to be?  What do you want to experience?

I wish you would know how much power you are holding right now, in molding your life in the future, by building your personality. Start designing.  Acquire as much goodness as you can, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Sprite is in our life.  It is part of our existence, the most important part.  As long as you keep trying, I will be happy and willing to accept my existence, with your mess in it.

But I am monitoring the progress.  And I reserve the right to take discipline action to modify my environment to my liking, since I am solely responsible of it.