The Art of Pleasure -02 Communication

Everyone says that Communication is the most important thing in a good relationship.  But what does it really mean?

I saw a lot of people started talking to their mate after learning that info, TELLING them what was in their own head.  Still, not a whole lot have changed, maybe even bit more arguments.  Then, there are still so many unhappy family, and traumatized children.

Good communication needs to have a lot more Listening than Telling.  Before we tell our mates what we want, did we hear what they’ve just said?  What did they say that they want?  Even if we are not able to give them all, shouldn’t we try to respond to their wish with our action?  Couldn’t we afford to give some before we get more?  It’s a much better deal if you would believe me.

And if one could learn to use all the sensors to hear what the other one is saying beyond the words can convey, mentally and physically,  one would soon be able to bring heaven to earth any time one desires.

This is how you build Sensitivity.

The Art of Pleasure -01 Intention

Evening-on-the-BeachI am an artistic lover. To me, there is no such thing called ‘having sex’. But there is this utmost important matter in life called the Art of Pleasure. If everyone treat their life as a piece of art that they are creating, this world would be a very different place. It is guided by our philosophy of life, whether you think you have one or not, and aided by the knowledge that one has. So that broadens the Scope of Work of what is involved in creating this piece of art. When I am not with my children or working, I am creating Pleasure, near or far, on site or off site, in bed or off bed, mental or physical, sexual or otherwise. Sex would only happen when it compliments the scene, and makes that moment complete. Don’t get me wrong, sex doesn’t always have to happen at a romantic moment. In fact a lot of the time it is not the case in my life. It has been part of our communication whenever the emotion is intense, be it happiness, sadness, pain, or guilt. And it doesn’t have to be done in a romantic manner either. Don’t waste time trying to figure out when and where to have sex. Think about how to make each moment more relaxing, more beautiful, more soul touching. Whenever you plan for a pleasant event, clear the rest of the day and beyond. It is great pleasure to enjoy a fun moment with someone who understand the value of pleasure. And if you can enjoy a simple moment to its fullest, then your loved ones would want to extend that moments into eternity. Anything is possible after that. A friend and I were planning to spend a day on the beach. So the exchange goes like this:

HER: Sorry about that – I was in the middle of a very good movie and lunch. Thursday works for me.

ME: Silly, my Dear! Plan what and when you want to do on Thursday…besides the beach. If. Sorry for being a disturb earlier.

HER: You aren’t a disturb :-) Will do – would like to get dolly back to you.

ME: Yes. I will meet you at the subway station, take it home, and then join you in the subway station going to the beach. Any better ideas?

HER: I could walk with you. We could have sushi then the beach/boardwalk. Would love to teach you to swim but Coney Island isn’t the greatest place for that.

ME: Sushi! That’s definitely a better idea! Deal.

HER: We can figure out what to do after that.

ME: But, do prepare to get wet. I don’t swim, but I love to walk in the water…water up to my chest.

HER: Oh that’s good for me – just have to remember to take Advil before – arthritis has been acting up, but if I do that I’m a lot better.

ME: By all means… and bring more for later, just in case you get detained by the beach. Sunset and evening is something most people miss. But that’s a sin.

HER: Oh that will be fun. We can get clams too.

ME: You are brilliant. The true pleasure lies in reaching the orgasmic state of everything we do…even the beach.

HER: Hee!

So this is the basic setting, and the rest is up to you.